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Establishing Concentration: How Construction Play Supports Focus Development

In an increasingly distracted world, the ability to focus is a vital skill for children to build. Hands-on construction activities that captivate and challenge growing minds are an ideal way to nourish concentration development.

Open-ended building toys like LEGO, wood blocks and Magna-Tiles inherently draw kids into extended periods of absorbed play as they envision, plan and execute creations piece-by-piece.

Gripped by the process, they learn to focus deeply.

The multi-step nature of assembly requires concentration on both the big picture goal and intricate component steps. Sustained focus is demanded to map plans, follow sequential steps, troubleshoot problems and fine-tune structures. Valuable focus muscles are strengthened.

The intrinsic motivation of building their own imaginative designs boosts concentration in ways structured crafts with pre-determined outcomes cannot. Children tune the world out as they become immersed in bringing unique ideas to life out of simple bricks, logs or magnetic shapes.

Parents can cultivate emerging focus skills by setting kids up for success. Provide ample time for unhurried construction play without schedules or interruptions. Avoid offering too much input or assistance that can disrupt concentration. Let them get lost in the creative flow.

Visual-spatial challenges like replicating patterns with different coloured ZOOB pieces or symmetry using Connect-a-straws exercise children’s blossoming abilities to concentrate.

As do collaborative building tasks that require attending to teammates’ ideas.

Fuel their progress by eliminating digital distractions during constructive play. As children build focus by becoming engrossed in seeing where their imagination and resolve takes them, crucial cognitive muscles develop one block at a time.

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