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the build it workshop - Event Hire Packages

Introduction: Planning an event that requires fun activities for kids? Providing unique, engaging activities is key to success! That's why renting construction toy tables and giant building sets is a fantastic option for your next children's party or school function.

Whether it’s a party, wedding, street fair or anything else. We can tailor a package for you. Our specially designed, low construction tables contain and organize tons of building pieces like LEGO, SmartMax, Octoplays and more. The perimeter of the table keeps pieces contained, allowing for spilled-free play. The tables come loaded with building pieces to fuel hours of creative construction play. We also supply challenge cards, so you can select a subject to build, and a material to build it from…

Giant Building Sets Take It Up a Notch For truly big building fun, add on our giant building sets! These oversized building pieces like Giant Octoplays, Polydrons, and Geo Domes allow kids to build BIG. They can work together to assemble larger-than-life creations. Our giant building sets encourage teamwork, creativity and STEM skills on a grand scale.

Benefits for Your Event:

-Engaging open-ended play - Construction toys on our specialty tables provide hours of hands-on fun as kids create, invent and collaborate.

-STEM learning - Building toys promote planning, spatial reasoning, and engineering skills.

-Easy setup and cleanup - Simply add tables and building sets to your event space for instant activity stations. No prep or mess to deal with.

-Variety - Choose from a huge selection of building materials and giant pieces to customize activities.

-Safety - Low toy tables prevent tipping and keep all pieces neatly contained. Giant pieces are very lightweight.

-Cost effective - Far cheaper than buying tons of toys and then wondering how to store them yourself! Rent only what you need.

Next time you're planning a special event, let kids' creativity soar and imagination to new heights with “the build it workshops” construction toys and tables! It's a fun and unique way to keep kids engaged and entertained without breaking the bank. Contact us today at to learn more and place your rental order!

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