Build Workshops are designed to be more structured and ideal for children from 24+ months. Seated at their own bench each week the children will work on a specific task and material.

Loose Parts Workshops are designed for children from 16+ months to 24+ months. Children can explore across 4 different workbenches with different construction materials.

We run two types of Workshops designed for children of different ages.

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Our Philosophy

Our mission is to show children and their parents that in this modern, technology driven world they can be makers of things rather than consumers of things.


We “teach” by utilizing hands-on methods where the children themselves learn to be independent, creative and innovative. We encourage and challenge our children to learn by doing. Inspiring the development of problem-solving skills and understanding form and function.


And we do this through “Fun Play”.


The benefits of “Fun Play” in the development of a child are very well documented. It is how children learn, it is one of the main ways in which their brains develop and of course, is lots of fun. 


This play teaches children the skills they need to read, share, create, and be happy.


Unfortunately, with screen based activities on the increase, the way our children play is changing and our attitude towards play has changed too. As a result, worrying reports from sources like Time Magazine and Newsweek, tell us that children are not getting the creative play now, that they will need to thrive in the 21st century.


There is no shortage of data out there to show us that children need to be stimulated, they need multi-sensory experiences, sounds and lights, supposedly the more bells and whistles a toy has, the better. Correct?


Everyone agrees that toys need to be “interactive”. Correct?


At the build it workshop we don’t believe this is true.


We don’t believe that all toys need to be interactive, we believe that children need to be interactive.


We believe the best toys are 90% child and 10% toy, the kind of things you can use in 20 different ways, not because they may have 20 different buttons, but because the child, when they are 6 months old will hold it, feel it, and even throw it, but when they are 16 months old will start to build and create with it.