Build Workshops are designed to be more structured and ideal for children from 24+ months. Seated at their own bench each week the children will work on a specific task and material.

Loose Parts Workshops are designed for children from 16+ months to 24+ months. Children can explore across 4 different workbenches with different construction materials.

We run two types of Workshops designed for children of different ages.

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Loose Parts Workshops

Our "Loose Parts Workshops" are designed for children from 16 months to two and a half years of age. Children can explore across four build stations with different construction materials.


As the name suggests these workshops are based loosely on the theory of “Loose Parts”. This theory was developed in the 1970’s by Simon Nicholson and the theory suggests that if children have access to a range of materials which have no defined purpose, they will access a wider range of play types and be more inventive in the ways they play.


In our Loose Parts Workshops each of our build stations will have a large selection of a particular construction ready for our little minds to explore. Though we fully support the Loose Parts Theory, we also believe that children reap additional benefits from trying to match a structure or template within the loose parts environment. Because of this, each station will also have a specific structure that we will encourage children (with the help of parents/carers) to construct or follow.


Loose Parts construction materials will include, Pipework Construction, Wooden Blocks and Puzzles, Sticklebricks, Kim Buni Blocks, Duplo and Junior Engineering kits using screws, nuts and bolts.


These workshops are designed to give children the skills and understanding needed to move seamlessly into our Build Workshops as well as have lots of fun…


Workshops will last 45mins. Approximately 30mins of this will be Loose Parts Play with the last 15min taken up with 5mins of very important “tidy time” and 10mins of a group building exercise.


Tea and Coffee will be available for parents/carers during the last 15mins of the workshops.