Build Workshops are designed to be more structured and ideal for children from 24+ months. Seated at their own bench each week the children will work on a specific task and material.

Loose Parts Workshops are designed for children from 16+ months to 24+ months. Children can explore across 4 different workbenches with different construction materials.

We run two types of Workshops designed for children of different ages.

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Create & Build Workshops

Our "Create & Build Workshops" are a drop off, after school club for children from 4 years upwards. It mixes the benefits of crafting with the skills and problem solving benefits of construction materials.


Every child will have their own craft table and work bench to work at.


Over the course of a term our Create & Build Workshops will incorporate the use of a large variety of construction and craft materials.


Workshops will last 75mins. Approximately 25mins of this will be “create time”, 25mins will be "build time", and 25mins will be “team time”.


"Team Time" is a group building exercise that requires teamwork and co-operation.