Build Workshops are designed to be more structured and ideal for children from 24+ months. Seated at their own bench each week the children will work on a specific task and material.

Loose Parts Workshops are designed for children from 16+ months to 24+ months. Children can explore across 4 different workbenches with different construction materials.

We run two types of Workshops designed for children of different ages.

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Build Workshops

Our "Build Workshops" are designed to be a structured building workshop, ideal for children from two and a half years of age.


Every child will have their own work bench as well as their own specific construction toy for that week. Seated at their bench (either on a chair or in a high chair) each week, the children will work together with their parent/carer to build or create the structure for that week.


These structured build workshops require the children to try to recreate a construction by following a model or blueprint. It’s more constrained than our "Loose Parts Workshop", but it calls on a particular skill set that is crucial for many tasks. Children will learn to analyse what they see, perceive the parts that make up the whole, and figure out how the parts relate to each other.


Over the course of a term our Build Workshops will incorporate the use of a large variety of construction toys.  

From Blocks, Bricks, Magnets and Marbles to Cogs, Gears Nuts & Bolts and many more in between…


Every child will be issued a clocking in card which will be stamped at the end of each week. This will make a wonderful keep-sake at the end of each term. the build it workshop t-shirt will also be available for a small additional cost.


Workshops will last 45mins. Approximately 30mins of this will be “build time” with the last 15min taken up with 5mins of “tidy time” and 10mins of a group building exercise.


Tea and Coffee will be available for parents/carers during the last 15mins of the workshops.